If you have booked a private session with studio 292 please read the following on how to prepare. 

Your private session can last from 1 to 3 hours depending on how many looks you signed up for.

Please read the following on how to prepare for you session.




Get plenty of sleep the night before.

Bring a snack.

Whiten your teeth.

A little tan is ok, tropical tan, no way!

Make sure you are freshly shaved, women be prepared for shorts and/or skirts if shooting lifestyle. Do not get a facial or wax anything the day prior, you need to allow3-4 days for your skin to heal.

Men, if one look will be with facial hair, come prepared to shave at the studio.

Prepare your clothing in a neat and organized way so they are not a crumpled mess when you get to the shoot!

Do not wear perfume or perfumed lotion and no white deodorant. All of these can transfer to clothes

Have a fresh manicure, clean fingernails and toes without polish, absolutely no acrylic nails!

Make sure your hair is healthy and you have a fresh haircut, color (if color treated).

Also, hair length and shape is just as important as a color and trim. When a model’s hair is too long it becomes unmanageable for the stylist on
set. Arrive with clean, DRY hair. Hair should be natural texture. Kids hair should not be longer than their shoulder blades. If stringy and see through on the ends have it cut! We do see this all the time, and it is not a marketable look for kids.

Straight or curly? Talk to your agent. When in doubt don’t change the natural texture too drastically.
Arrive with a clean face: moisturized, with NO leftover mascara from the night before.. lips should be moisturized too. (Dry, cracked lips are one of the most difficult things to retouch because of the irregular texture.)
Hair should be styled the way you naturally wear it, we will take it from there.



Always remember that certain clothing items may work better in real life than they translate onto camera, so it is a good idea to bring a large assortment and range of wardrobe to your shoot. 10 choices for a head shot is barely enough, 20 is better!. These days, the majority of your shots should be tighter head shots that need to stand out in a smaller “thumbnail ” format for online submissions.

Do consider color, which is another way to add richness to a shot. Bring a good variety of color tops. Colors can range form bright to subdued, also bring some basic black, white and gray.
Please do mix up the necklines. Every different neckline will change the shape of your face so definitely come with an array tops so that we can have the luxury to pick and choose. Think about scoop necks, button downs, zipper necks, hoodies, crew, halter tops and narrow V’s. Always avoid a wider V that might make you appear naked when cropped in tighter. The same applies to plunging tank tops. They can work for a 3/4 look but not a head shot as it distracts the focus from your eyes. Bring a variation of sleeve lengths for wider shots and play with the idea of a layered look.

Please make sure that anything you bring with you is clean and in perfect condition (no tears or repairs, no scuffs on the shoes- make sure they are polished, etc.)

Undergarments (must not have any embellishments, i.e. lace, beading, etc): Thong, bra, strapless bra- nude (a must) and black (if you have it)
Black tights and/or leggings and any other color that you have for the season.
Shoes. The most basic shoes or boots are the best. THE MORE SHOES THE BETTER. Shoes will sometimes be provided, but you should have a few
(3 minimum) of your favorite pairs just in case. Ballet flats and heels for women,casual and dress shoes for men.
Tank top and/or basic cotton top: white and/or black plus bring LOTS of color
Fun sundress (make sure if dress has print that pattern is very small)
A couple pairs of your favorite jeans (no excessive tears, no rhinestones or large white seaming), pair of dark skinny jeans and cute jean shorts (make sure there are NO large pockets in the front)
A few favorite accessories, i.e. belts, necklaces, bracelets
DO NOT bring anything with cartoon characters, logos, glitter, sparkles, big hair accessories.
The more color options the better! You will be marketed as commercial fresh and fun
The more outfit possibilities the better your shoot will turn out! (If you need to go
buy clothes, DO NOT take off the tags and know the return policy before) Suits for men and women for a professional look mid 20's and above.
Casual gap, Jcrew look is always good for lifestyle
Athletic look only if you are in top condition. Please bring new sports clothing.

Women Check out H&M,Top Shop,JCrew,Gap. For business looks try Ann Taylor or Loft for
current professional looks.
Guys: Check out JCrew for great styling, v-neck t-shirts, tailored suits, dress shirts, and coats!
Kids: stripes, plaids, solids, TARGET is a great place to pick up kid's clothing- Check out Milk Magazine, Next UK, H&M.

Here are some cute styling ideas on Pinterest:
Also check out Boden, Gap kids, and Old Navy for great styling ideas for women, men and kids.

For all looks including head shots please refer to our STUDIO 292 PINTEREST pages for help with wardrobe: