A professional portrait is a great way to update your LinkedIn profile or add to your personal website.

Whether you are in a corporate field or an artist, it is important to represent yourself.

Come prepared:

Please make sure garments are steamed or ironed and on hangers

Bring an assortment of choices!  What looks good in a mirror might not shoot the best.

Business Men -

Tailored suits, button up shirts, sweaters, ties, bow-ties, pocket squares or on the casual business side, nice fitting pants, a tailored shirt.  Usually whites, blues, blacks and greys are great options and added color can come from ties or other accessories if needed. Solids are nice, but also consider gingham or plaid shirts too.

Please come with facial hair groomed and a fresh hair cut if needed.

Business Women -

Suits, dresses, skirts, button ups, suit coats, fitted sweaters, think of necklines as well, a v-neck, scoop neck or high neck can all make a different photo. Whites, blues, greys and black are usually the best, but a colored top also looks great mixed with these colors.  Bring jewelry, sometimes it shoots great!

Make-Up goes a long way in a photo, less is more!  Don't try a new lip color the day of your shoot.  The best is to come how you usually wear your make-up!  A fresh hair cut/trim is always a good thing to do a few days before your headshot. 

Here is a link for wardrobe ideas -





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